The following terms and conditions supplement the rental agreement and together form the contractual agreement between all renters, authorized drivers and LYNX RENTAL CARS. The term “Vehicle” means the rented vehicle. The term “Renter” means all renters and authorized drivers identified in the rental agreement. Please read carefully before signing the rental agreement.

Section 1: Return, Repossession and Costs Vehicle is owned by LYNX RENTAL CARS . Renter agrees to return the vehicle, together with all tires, equipment and accessories, as follows:

In the same condition as when it was received.

To the location from which it was rented, or another location previously agreed in writing. On the expiration date specified in the rental agreement or an earlier date if requested by LYNX RENTAL CARS 24 hours in advance. LYNX RENTAL CARS may peacefully repossess the vehicle without demand or notice at any time and retain the full rental amount and deposit if: It is found that the vehicle has been or is being used in violation of the law and traffic codes, for example:

Speeding and dangerous driving;

The driver listed in the contract gives the vehicle to an individual who is blacklisted or does not have a valid driver’s license;

The vehicle is used in violation of any term or condition of the rental agreement or rental jacket;

The vehicle is considered to be apparently abandoned;

The vehicle is illegally parked and/or towed;

The vehicle is not returned on the expiration date indicated in the rental agreement;

The vehicle is used on a racetrack, we do not allow this for any reason or circumstance.

ATTENTION: Most parts and accessories that are removable from LYNX RENTAL CARS vehicles, such as toll transponders, internal carpets, wheels, tires, batteries, installed accessories, engine components and more than a dozen other equipment, have their own registration, related to a specific vehicle, therefore, removal and/or replacement of any item without written authorization from LYNX RENTAL CARS is prohibited. Such a breach will be considered a breach of contract and actions may be taken as described above.

For clarification, the renter is not an agent of LYNX RENTAL CARS for any purpose. Renter is responsible for all reasonable costs incurred by the Vehicle if: (a) returned or left at any location other than the original rental location, or (b) impounded by a government authority, if such seizure results from Renter’s conduct. These costs include parking fees, parking fines, toll tickets, towing, storage and seizure fees. If the vehicle is more than 200 miles from the rental location, Renter is responsible for the cost of transporting the vehicle to the location where the vehicle was rented, including driver, accommodation and meals costs. Renter is responsible for all legal fees incurred in recovering the vehicle, including from a government authority. Renter is responsible for all parking tickets or traffic violations incurred during the rental period and authorizes LYNX RENTAL CARS to charge renter’s credit card for such fines, as well as an administration fee of up to $100 each.

Section 2: Unauthorized Uses and Exclusions of LDW Insurance Coverage Each Renter will be fully responsible for all loss or damage to the vehicle, regardless of fault or cause. The acts and/or uses listed below are prohibited and violate the vehicle’s permitted scope of use. If Loss Damage Waiver (LDW) protection has been purchased, any of the following acts, uses or operations of the vehicle will void LDW coverage:

a)  Vehicle operation by anyone other than an authorized driver identified in the rental agreement;

b)  Use of the vehicle for commercial rental, without specific contracting;

c)  Providing false or fraudulent information to LYNX RENTAL CARS;

d)  Use of the vehicle intentionally, wantonly or recklessly;

e)  Use of the vehicle in connection with conduct that could be charged as a crime;

f)  Vehicle use in any speed test, competition or driver training activity;

g)  Using the vehicle to push or tow any vehicle or trailer;

h)  Operating the vehicle off-road or on any unpaved road;

i)  Operation of the vehicle by someone under the influence of drugs or alcohol in violation of vehicle codes and/or laws of the state in which the vehicle is driven;

j)  Vehicle operation outside the State of Florida unless authorized in writing by LYNX RENTAL CARS;

k)  Driving the vehicle without a valid driving license or with a suspended or revoked license;

l) Loss of vehicle keys;

m)  Damage due to runs and cracks;

n)  Cracked/broken windshields;

o)  Damage from war, revolution, civil unrest;

p)  Burns or stains on seats, carpets or rugs;

q)  Damage affecting tires, wheels, suspension, sound systems, lost vehicle parts from theft and damage resulting from these;

r)  Damage caused to wheels, transmission and chassis parts of vehicles, by driving on unauthorized roads and inappropriate for the type of vehicle rented, such as rivers, streams, beaches, snow, off-road trails.

In the event that such provision is violated, the Loss Damage Waiver (LDW) will be deemed void. Under such circumstances, each renter, individually and jointly, is fully responsible for any damages, repair costs, loss of use and all other related costs and charges. The Loss and Damage Waiver (LDW) does not cover loss or damaged due to theft or vandalism. If the renter purchases the LDW, the renter remains liable up to the full value of the vehicle in the event of theft or vandalism. If the vehicle is not returned to LYNX RENTAL CARS for any reason, including an alleged theft, the renter is fully responsible for the fair market value of the vehicle to the fullest extent permitted by law.

Section 3: Rental Fees Renter will pay LYNX RENTAL CARS on demand all charges incurred, including, but not limited to: monthly, weekly, daily and hourly rental charges at the rate specified in the rental agreement; overcharged mileage; additional equipment charges; Loss and Damage Waiver (if accepted); Supplemental Liability Insurance (if accepted); Accidental Death/Medical Coverage (if accepted); replenishment fees; airport surcharges; additional driver surcharges; and other miscellaneous fees and charges when applicable; state, local sales, consumption and use taxes. All charges not paid at the time of vehicle return are subject to interest of 15% per annum, compounded daily. In the event that any amount due under this rental agreement is charged to another person or organization, the renter will remain jointly and severally liable for all such charges.

Section 4: Collision, Damage, Repair Costs, LDW, Theft “Please read this section carefully before renting”. Renter is responsible for all vehicle damage or loss, regardless of cause or fault, up to the vehicle’s fair market value. Renter is responsible for the cost of repair, up to the fair market value of the vehicle, loss of use (measured by the daily rental rate), reduced value, towing, storage, seizure fees, administrative fees up to $100 or as permitted by law, and all other related costs. The renter’s own insurance or credit card company may cover all or part of the renter’s financial liability for damage or loss to the vehicle. The renter must verify the scope of the renter’s coverage(s) and which deductible may apply and submit the policy. LYNX RENTAL CARS will hold renter liable for damages and/or loss of use if the renter violates

Section 5: Securing the Vehicle For the proper protection of the vehicle against vandalism and theft, the lessee agrees that: You will only park the vehicle in safe and secure areas. It will close all windows, lock all doors and activate the vehicle’s security system before leaving the vehicle for any period of time, no matter how brief. Will keep the vehicle’s ignition key in the renter’s possession at all times. Will not leave the vehicle’s ignition key in the ignition, interior door, or trunk when the vehicle is not in use. Will not hand over the vehicle’s ignition key to any parking attendant or anyone other than an authorized driver listed on the rental agreement.
| It will not copy the vehicle’s ignition key. You will park the vehicle in a secure parking structure, garage, hotel parking lot or other secure parking lot and will not park the vehicle overnight on the street. You will not leave personal effects (eg cameras, camcorders, gifts) or valuables in the vehicle so that they are visible to the outside while the vehicle is unoccupied or unattended.

Section 6: Mechanical Breakdown, Roadside Emergency Service In the event of a mechanical breakdown or malfunction, the lessee will stop operating the vehicle at the first sign of a mechanical problem. In this case, the lessee will contact LYNX RENTAL CARS immediately, through one of the specific service channels, informed at the time of rental. The renter will not authorize or attempt any repairs to the Vehicle without the prior written approval of LYNX RENTAL CARS. Renter is fully responsible for any unauthorized repairs and any damage caused by Renter. Any service or replacement of a part or accessory on the vehicle must have prior written approval from LYNX RENTAL CARS. If the lessee smells oil, gasoline or any type of burning, he must stop the vehicle safely immediately and contact LYNX RENTAL CARS, through the specific service channel, informed at the time of rental, for road service. LYNX RENTAL CARS will inspect the vehicle and provide a | replacement vehicle, if appropriate. In the event of a fire, call the fire department first.

Section 7: Property left in the rental vehicle LYNX RENTAL CARS is not responsible for loss or damage to any property left, stored or transported by the renter, whether or not such loss or damage is caused by or related to LYNX RENTAL CARS’ negligence or vehicle malfunction. Renter assumes all risk of such loss or damage and waives all claims against LYNX RENTAL CARS arising from such loss.

Section 8: Indemnification of Third-Party Claims/Legal Actions Renter agrees that Renter and Renter’s insurer shall defend and indemnify LYNX RENTAL CARS against any and all injuries, damages, claims, lawsuits, attorneys’ fees, costs and expenses arising out of or related to the use and/or operation of the vehicle. Renter must immediately report to the police all accidents involving any personal injury or property damage in excess of $1,500. In the event of an accident that causes any damage or personal injury, the renter must notify LYNX RENTAL CARS immediately, complete the LYNX RENTAL CARS Accident Report and provide in writing a detailed explanation of how the accident happened, take detailed photos of the vehicle involved and identify all witnesses. If this cannot be done in person, the renter will email  | [email protected] within 24 hours of the accident. LYNX RENTAL CARS will not be liable, in whole or in part, for any indirect, special or consequential damages, including, without limitation, loss of time, income, lodging, personal expenses, loss of benefits suffered or incurred by the renter or any third party. relating to or arising from the provision, performance or use of the vehicle, including mechanical breakdown or failure to honor a reservation. LYNX RENTAL CARS does not indemnify or guarantee any claim for personal injury or property damage caused to third parties. Renter is primarily and solely responsible for such claims under Florida law. If the renter purchases Renter Liability Protection (RLP) or Supplemental Liability Insurance (SLI), the renter has entered into an insurance contract with an insurance company that may not be an admitted Florida carrier and not affiliated with LYNX RENTAL CARS If such insurance company fails or refuses to honor its insurance obligations, it will not be the responsibility of LYNX RENTAL CARS. Neither Renter’s Liability Protection (RLP) nor Supplemental Liability Insurance (SLI), if purchased, insures the renter for material damage or loss caused to the vehicle. Renter remains fully responsible for all damages and losses to the vehicle unless the Loss Damage Waiver (LDW) applies.

| Renter undertakes and agrees to hold harmless and indemnify LYNX RENTAL CARS, the vehicle owner, lessor and holder from any and all claims, demands, causes of action, attorneys’ fees, costs or expenses of any kind that relate to or arise of any alleged negligent use or operation of the vehicle during the terms of the rental agreement.

Section 9: Notice of Your Financial Liability and Optional Damage Waiver Renter is responsible for all vehicle damage or loss, even if caused by someone else or the cause is unknown. The renter is responsible for the cost of repairs (up to full value), loss of use, reduced value, towing, storage and repossession fees.

The renter’s insurance, or the credit card used to pay for the rental transaction, may cover all or part of the renter’s financial responsibility for the vehicle. Renter should check with their own insurance company or credit card issuer for coverage and the applicable deductible, if any, for which Renter may be responsible.

If a credit card was used that provides coverage for potential liability, the renter must check with the card issuer to determine whether the renter’s personal insurance coverage limits must be exhausted before credit card coverage is applied.